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Sonoran Gophersnake

Pituophis catenifer affinis

A bright, normal colored,
hypomelanistic snake. The
intensity of the blotches
changes as you go down the body.

A morph known as a "Ghost"
Hypomelanistic with no red
pigment, resulting in a purple
white and black snake.

A morph known as "Hybino."
A combination of Hypomelanism
and Amelanism, resulting in a
yellow and red snake with pink eyes.

A morph known as "Blizzrd."
No red, no black with just a
hint of yellow highlights, on a
creamy, white snake.

This is member of the bullsnake-pinesnake-gophersnake family, depending on what area of the country you live in. This particular subspecies is from Western Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, South-eastern California, and down into northern Mexico. A medium sized Pituophis, a large adult is about 5 feet in length. Pituophis is the only genus of north American snakes that can hiss loudly. The youngsters put on a great threat display, but it is all bluff, they very seldom bite, and they usually settle down quickly as they grow. My breeders are from Envy Reptile stock and originate from Tom Stevens. This line has several genes working together to create fantastic color combinations. You have to see the photos to believe it. Bizzards, Ghosts, Hybinos, and Normal Double Hets will all be available.


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