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Madison, Wisconsin

Ruthven Kingsnake

Lampropeltis ruthveni

A gorgeous, tricolor snake, with bright colors, and a clean, typical banding pattern, with a black face..

A medium sized (30-36in) snake from the states of Queretaro, and Jalisco Mexico. This is one of the snakes making up the so called “mexicana complex”. This snake is a tricolor, very easy to keep, and very docile. I have 2 different lines in my collection, which I do not mix. One originates from near Amealco, Queretaro and is of Bob Applegate stock. This line is het for amelanistic. My other line originates from the western edge of this snakes range near Tapalpa, Jalisco, and is of Shannon Brown stock. This line was first collected in the 80’s by a group from the Dallas Zoo, and was marketed in this country for years as Jalisco Milksnakes. This line will throw out atypical patterns, but does not produce amelanistic animals. Both lines have nice, clean, bright red colors.


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