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Madison, Wisconsin

Western Hognose

Heterodon nasicus

This snake is actually considered
"cute" becuase of its pig-shaped nose.

A small snake (15-25 in) of the western prairies, ranging from western Texas north to Montana. This species is more willing to accept mice, and so is more frequently kept in captivity. Their upturned snout enables them to burrow in soft sand after toads, frogs, and lizards. A rear fanged species, they secrete a mild venom in minute quantities to overcome their prey. They are not dangerous to humans. In the wild some of their bluff displays have earned them terrifying names such as “hissing adder”, “blow viper”, “spreading adder”, and “puff adder”. My stock originates from Don Soderberg of South Mountain Reptiles, and is a good line of rodent feeders.


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