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Madison, Wisconsin

Gray Banded Kingsnake

Lampropeltis alterna

A river road locality alterna. Nice
alternate pattern with thin bands and
a slight speckling.

Another snake with wider orange
bands. Much diversity with
snakes from this locale.

This beautiful snake is native to Texas and northern Mexico, living most of its life underground in rock crevices. These snakes have attracted an almost “cult like” following with locality data of the founding stock being preferred. This is a relatively small snake (20-36 in) with great variations in color and pattern. The body color can be light, medium, dark, or blue-gray. Some snakes have solid black bands alternating with broken bands (hence the species name), and sometimes, varying sizes of red-orange colored bands also appear. Sometimes the snakes are speckled, sometimes plain. Snakes without orange are called “alterna phase”, snakes with orange are called “blairs phase”. Speckling is more common in snakes from the western edge of their range, while plain backgrounds predominate in the eastern part. These snakes are very docile, and I’ve never had a Gray Band attempt to bite.

My Gray Band breeding stock originates from Tim Gebhard from Vivid Reptiles. From the Big Hill area of River Road down near Big Bend National Park, Texas, these snakes from this region have great variation in pattern and amount of orange, with lots of speckling. The hatchlings start out with the orange highlights being reddish-brown, and the orange intensifies as the snake matures.


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