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Madison, Wisconsin

California Kingsnake

Lampropeltis getula californiae

A classic, black and white
desert phase from Inyo County,
just east of the Sierra Nevadas.

A hypomelanistic snake from coastal
San Diego County. A creamy, coffee
colored snake, with bright, yellow
bands, and blue eyes.

A coastal abherant striped phase
known as Newport Beach.

The most western subspecies of getula, a medium sized snake ranging from 30-48 inches in size. This snake is second only to the cornsnake in the amount of color and pattern morphs that have been established in captivity. Like other getulas, this snake is fond of eating other snakes, even venomous ones, so it is best kept alone. I have three morphs in my collection. The classic black and white from Inyo County locale. A snake of the high desert just east of the Sierra Nevada range. I have classic banded animals, but they will sometimes throw out striped, or abnormal patterns. My breeding stock comes from Shannon Brown of High Sierra Herps. A hypomelanistic morph from San Diego County. This is the “blue-eyed blonde” morph from Tim Gebhard of Vivid Reptiles. A pale cream colored snake with bright, vivid yellow markings. I have classic banded animals, but striped or other abnormal patterns are commonly produced with this line. A striped, atypical morph of generic origin. Named the Newport Beach pattern. Brownish-black pattern on a cream-white background indicative of snakes of coastal California locale.


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